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John F. Kennedy International Airport


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This site is all about JFK Airport. JFK Airport is located in Jamica, New York about 10 miles from New York City. It is one of the top ten biggest and busest airport in the Untied States. John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey under a lease signed with the City of New York since June 1, 1947. There are over 37,000 people employed at the airport. JFK contributes approximately $22 billion in economic activity to the NY/NJ metropolitan region generating some 207,700 jobs and $7.1 billion in wages and salaries.  It recives 1050 arrivals and departures a day. It has the tallest Control Tower in the Untied States. The tower is over 320 ft tall. JFK also has the bigest runway in the Untied States. They runway is 14,572 feet long. Almost 3 miles long and 150 ft wide.{Runway 31L}JFK consists of 4,930 acres, including 880 acres in the Central Terminal area. The airport has more than 30 miles of roadways and is 12.7 feet above sea level. JFK has a total storage capacity of 32 million gallons of fuel. There are 62 tanks built in storage and 40 tanks in satellite and 50 miles of underground pipe. The Fuel Tank Farms are protected by high pressure foam systems. The Taxiways total over 25 miles in length. Standard width is 75 feet, with 25-foot heavy-duty shoulders and 25-foot erosion control pavement on each side. The taxiways have centerline lights and are generally of asphaltic concrete composition 15 to 18 inches thick. An illuminated sign system provides directional information for taxiing aircraft. The first Engineered Materials Arrestor System (EMAS) in North America was installed at the Northeast end of runway 4R. The bed is 590 feet long and 150 feet wide and consists of cellular cement material, which can safely decelerate and stop an aircraft that overruns the runway.
The arrestor bed concept was originated and developed by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and installed at JFK Airport as a joint research and development project with the FAA. The c
onstruction on JFK began in April 1942, when the City of New York contracted for the placing of hydraulic fill over the marshy tidelands on the site of Idlewild Golf course. Planned at first for 1,000 acres, the airport grew to five times that size. First commercial flights began on July 1, 1948. The airport was formally dedicated as New York International Airport on July 31, 1948. It was re-dedicated on December 24, 1963 as John F. Kennedy International Airport, following action of the Mayor and Council of the City of New York and a resolution of the Commissioners of the Port Authority. The airport's parking totals over 11,000 public spaces including an employee lot, a 1,400 space parking garage, the long-term lot and an additional 3,200 spaces in the Central Terminal Area. In response to the increased demand for parking generated by the growth in traveling customers, a new three level parking structure opened in the Green area in May 1998. A new parking deck across from Terminal 7 opened in November 2000, adding 750 more parking spaces on airport. An additional parking garage is under development, as part of the Terminals 8 and 9 construction project. By the end of 2002, parking will be more convenient at JFK with the introduction of the EZPass parking payment system currently being installed at JFK's parking plazas.  

JFK Tower