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JetBlue Airways has 42 Airbus A320 aircraft (11 more to be delivered in 2003), all powered by International Aero Engines (IAE) V2500 engines. JetBlue has contracts for a fleet totaling 132 new A320 aircraft, with 123 ordered with Airbus. All JetBlue aircraft are configured for 162 passengers and outfitted with leather seats with free satellite television at every seat.

  • First and only U.S. start-up airline to launch with more than $100 million in capital
  • First and only airline to offer 24-channels of live satellite television free at every seat
  • First and only airline to broadcast the Olympic Games live at every seat
  • First U.S. airline to introduce "paperless cockpit" flight technology
  • Only U.S. airline to be 100% e-ticket
  • First U.S. airline to install bullet-proof cockpit doors across its fleet
  • First and only airline to install security cameras in passenger cabin for customer and crew safety